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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 May 2017

5 Story/Article/Joke & 12 Greeting Card Markets

Robert Laughlin's Biennial Market Updates:
Andromeda Spacways, Defenestration, Funny Times, Blue Mountain Arts, Comstock Cards, Design Design

Markets listed on this page contain Pro, Semipro, Pay, Token paying, and nonpaying markets that accept humorous fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or other forms, that do not extensively include fiction written by the publisher(s), editor(s), or staff.

Read the complete guidelines carefully before submitting. Try to read at least one issue to get a feel for what is wanted. If in doubt contact the editor. US ($), UK (£), or EU (€) currency are used unless otherwise noted. Addresses are US unless noted otherwise.

All Token paying market listings are listed as a courtesy and therefore subject to instant removal if they do not inform me of any change in their guidelines that affects the listing at Any change, no exceptions. No re-listing will be possible.

These listings are provided in good faith with the belief the info is correct, but accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions in them. The fact that an entry is listed here is no guarantee that said entity will ever publish anything. Contact with any editor or publisher is at the contributor's own risk. encourages all potential contributors to do a web search of the editor's and/or publisher's name before submitting to them. Each visitor assumes all risk associated with the use or misuse of the information here.

Please note that all e-mail addresses (printed in italics) on this page are protected to avoid abuse by spammers.
Because of this you need to enable JavaScript for your browser in order to see the e-mail addresses.


Click on Publication Title for Full Guidelines
Click on E-subs: LINE for Submission Details

The editor's e-mail link is for Info/Queries only if marked (Q),
... and the E-subs address(es) will found in the guidelines.
The e-address is for Info/Queries & E-subs if marked

RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 16 May 2017: general updating    Robert Laughlin
  • ANDROMEDA SPACEWAYS MAGAZINE - quarterly print/PDF; sf/f/h, keyword: fun (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art). Pay: 1AU¢/word (min AU$20/max AU$100), AU$10 for poetry & Flash; +1 PDF copy to all. Words: fic/flash/nonfic=<10k (<20k for subscribers & Aus/NZ writers); poem=<2 pages. RT: <7 months. Reprints: query. E-subs: ONLY. (Q).   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 16 May 2017: general updateing    Robert Laughlin
  • DEFENESTRATION - triannual (nonfic year-round) webzine; humor, any genre (fic/nonfic/poem/art/comics/flash video). Pay: exposure. Words: <4k (nonfic=2k). RT: <1 week. Reprints: yes. E-subs: ONLY. (QS).    Fiction/Poem Reading Periods: 20Dec-5Apr; 20Apr-5Aug; 20Aug-5Dec.   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 16 May 2017: pay, editor changes    Robert Laughlin
  • FUNNY TIMES - monthly print; all topics (fic/cartoons). Pay: fic=$60, cartoons=$30-$50. Words: 500-700. RT: <several months. E-subs: NONE. (QS).   [Top]

  • MAD MAGAZINE - monthly print; mad humor. Pay: pro. Words: no word limits named. RT: NO REPLY: assume reject after 30 days. E-subs: ON SITE FORM ONLY. MAD Submissions Editor (Q).   [Top]

  • PERRETS' HUMOR FILES - online joke service; all genres (jokes). Pay: $3 per used joke. Words: one-liners only. RT: probably fast. Reprints: query. E-subs: PREFERS E-MAIL. (QS).   [Top]


    ! ! ! Remember: if not given here, always ask for guidelines before submitting ! ! !
    Hint: Card companies work about six months in advance. For seasonal cards think that far ahead.

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 19 May 2017: GLs page address changed    Robert Laughlin
    Actively seeking freelancers; Pay: card=$300; poem in anthology=$50; GLs send on request via e-mail (see below for address)
    Range of cards: Family, friends, occasions, inspiration, encouragement.
    Style of cards: Sentimental and conversational; a few lines to two and a half pages. No humor or one-liners, please.
    Postal and e-mail submissions welcome. Format for submission: Postal: typewritten, one poem per page, name on each page; e-mail: type work in the body of the e-mail, we won't accept attachments or website links. In either case, please include mailing address and phone number. Submit any number of poems at a time.
    • Editorial Department
    • P.O. Box 1007
    • Boulder, CO 80306
    • U.S.A.

    Web Site
    Submission page


    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 22 May 2017: new URL & guidelines    Robert Laughlin
    David Delacroix
    600 S. Rock, Suite 15
    Reno, NV 89502-4115 USA
    Web Site
    Adult humor only.
    Pay: gaglines=$50 per card idea; art=negotiates

    Scott Oppenheimer
    4006 Central
    Kansas City, MO 64111 USA
    Web Site
    Send 25-50 ideas per batch

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 22 May 2017: new guidelines    Robert Laughlin

    19 LaGrave SE
    Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
    Web Site
    Artist inquiry page
    Submission Guidelines PDF

    Broad range of cards

    Writers send submissions with SASE to:
    • Attn: Editorial Dept.
    • 11 Executive Avenue
    • Edison, New Jersey 08817
    • USA
    Telephone: 732-662-6700 or (800) 654-6960
    Fax: (866) 981-0151
    Web Site

    Actively seeking freelancers; pay unknown; GLs on web site.
    Broad range of cards.
    Send submissions (with SASE) to:
    • Freedom Greeting Card Co.
    • Attn: Art Department
    • 774 American Drive
    • Bensalem, PA 19020
    • U.S.A.
    Web Site Guidelines


    Creative Staffing and Development
    2501 McGee, MD 444
    Kansas City, MO 64108
    Web Site
    Currently using little freelance work

    Art Department Submissions
    9 Kendrick Road
    Wareham MA 02571
    Web Site
    Submission Guidelines
    Occasionally purchases editorial and will consider unsolicited verse submissions appropriate for Everyday and seasonal card occasions. Publishes a diverse line of cards with sentiments that include traditional, inspirational, conversational, whimsical, and humorous.

    Contests & e-mail submissions
    Web Site Guidelines

    Postal submissions welcome: mainly wants short, non-rhyming humor prose; send one 3x5 card with verse/sentiment, name, and address (samples in GLs) per idea to:
    • Oatmeal Studios
    • P.O. Box 138WP
    • Rochester, VT 05767 USA
    • Attn: Editorial Dept.
    Actively seeking freelancers — pays $75 per idea — GLs on website
    Online Guidelines
    (questions, info, & e-mail submissions — query first for format!

    George F. Stanley, Jr.
    2560 Lance Dr.
    Dayton, OH 45409 USA
    tel: (937) 298-1124
    Web Site
    Pays $15-$25 per idea


    Or by postal mail to:
    Karen Rhodes, Senior Editor
    Warner Press, Inc.
    1201 East Fifth Street
    Anderson, Indiana 46012, USA
    Web Site
    Religious, inspirational - pays $20-$35 per idea.

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