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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 April 2014

5 Market Listings

This page contains markets that are seeking works to be presented only in an audio (podcast) format. Usually, but not always, accepts work that has been previously published, sometimes only accepting previously published work, that do not include fiction written by the publisher(s), editor(s), or staff. You can find other markets that accept words for an audio format, but also accept works for print or electronic formats on their respective pages (Pro, Semipro, Pay, etc.), but not on this page. Read the complete guidelines carefully before submitting. Try to read at least one issue to get a feel for what is wanted. If in doubt contact the editor. US ($), UK (£), or EU (€) currency are used unless otherwise noted. U.S. addresses are used unless otherwise noted.

All Token paying market listings are listed as a courtesy and therefore subject to instant removal if they do not inform me of any change in their guidelines that affects the listing at Any change, no exceptions. No re-listing will be possible.

These listings are provided in good faith with the belief the info is correct, but accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions in them. The fact that an entry is listed here is no guarantee that said entity will ever publish anything. Contact with any editor or publisher is at the contributor's own risk. encourages all potential contributors to do a web search of the editor's and/or publisher's name before submitting to them. Each visitor assumes all risk associated with the use or misuse of the information here.

Please note that all e-mail addresses (printed in italics) on this page are protected to avoid abuse by spammers.
For some you need to enable JavaScript for your browser in order to see the e-mail address.


Click on Publication Title for Full Guidelines
Click on E-subs: LINE for Submission Details

The editor's e-mail link is for Info/Queries only if marked (Q),
... and the E-subs address(es) will found in the guidelines.
The e-address is for Info/Queries & E-subs if marked

  • BIZARROCAST - bimonthly audiozine; bizarro (fic). Pay: $5. Words: 2k-6k. RT: 6-8 weeks. Reprints: gladly accepted. E-subs: ONLY. (QS).   [Top]

  • DRABBLECAST - irregular audiozine; sf/f/h/comedy/bizarre (fic/drabbles/twabbles). Pay: ½k-4k=3¢/word; <½k=exposure. Words: 100-4k. RT: 3-4 months. Reprints: yes. E-subs: ONLY. (Q).   [Top]

  • ESCAPE POD - weekly podcast; sf (fic/flash). Pay: fic=5¢/word ($300 max); flash (<1k)=5¢/word ($20 min). Words: fic=2k-6k (loose, but prefers 3½k-5k). RT: <6 months. Reprints: yes, 3¢/word ($100 min, $300 max). E-subs: ONLY. (Q).   SFWA   [Top]

  • PODCASTLE - weekly audio; f only (fic). Pay: <2k=$20; 2k-6k=$100. Words: fic=2-6k, flash=<1k (sometime buys 1-2k). RT: <2 months. Reprints: prefers. E-subs: ONLY. (Q).   [Top]

  • PSEUDOPOD - irregular podcast; h (fic/flash). Pay: $100 (flash=$20). Words: fic=2-6k, flash=<1k (sometime buys 1-2k). RT: <8 weeks. Reprints: yes. E-subs: ONLY. (Q).   [Top]

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