Submission Info

  • Type of electronic submissions accepted: attach as a .RTF or .DOC file and send to the editors' contact e-mail address in the main listing
    1. the Subject line MUST contain the word "submission" and the story title, or the e-mail will be deleted automatically
    2. e-mail MUST contain a cover letter in the body of the e-mail, include your name, the title of your story, your full contact information (address, phone, email), and a brief bio; if you do not live in the place where you were born, please also include your place of birth
    3. any submission without a cover letter will be deleted unread/unanswered
  • Rights asked for: 1. for original fiction, first World English publication, with a two-month exclusive from publication date; 2. for all, non-exclusive anthology rights; 3. all other rights remain with the author
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted: not encouraged, but are acceptable--should you receive a "rewrite request" or "hold for further consideration" response, please indicate immediately whether your story is under consideration anywhere else
  • Multiple submissions accepted: only one (1) story at a time--you may submit up to five (5) poems and on e (1) story simultaneously
  • This anthology does NOT accept postal mail submissions